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Company values

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Adampolis Group creates the conditions for each employee to find the route to improvement and development that most interests the employee. We understand that care for the employee is the fundamental basis for the operation of a successful company.

Additional benefits


  • Health insurance
  • Accident insurance 24/7
  • Additional paid leave for important events in the life of an employee
  • Referral bonus (for finding a candidate who is successfully hired into the company)
  • Mentor bonus for onboarding a newly-hired employee


  • Birthday
  • Anniversary
  • Upon the birth of a child
  • For loyalty
  • Christmas (for employees)
  • Christmas (for children of employees)
  • 1 September (for children of employees)
  • Package for newly-hired employees on the first day at work
  • Package for newly-hired employees after the probationary period
  • Graduation (upon receiving a diploma) (for employees)


Upskilling and keeping our knowledge up to date is a vital part of our work, so for each specialist working with a MAN product or service, it is necessary to pass an individualised MAN upskilling programme.

Training and learning programmes

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