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A broken-down truck means not just repair costs, but also a huge cost in terms of lost time for every customer. The truck cannot be operated, must stand and wait in a line to be accepted for repair at the service. This results in downtime, unfulfilled orders and other tangible and intangible losses.

Understanding how expensive every minute is when waiting for a truck to be repaired at an authorised MAN Truck & Bus service, a new type of service is being launched in Marijampolė: ExtraLine. This service is designed to quickly perform minor repairs of a truck, the kind of repairs which are usually needed at exactly the wrong time and place, and yet such repairs (until now) required waiting in a line.

When the ExtraLine customer arrives at the MAN Truck & Bus service in Marijampolė, we will repair the truck on the spot, without waiting in a line, thus saving the customer’s valuable time.

The ExtraLine service includes minor repairs such as:

· Adjustment and inspection of headlights;

· Chassis and brake inspection;

· Refill of the air conditioning system;

· Computer diagnostics;

· Oil change.

ExtraLine does not require pre-registration, so if the truck needs a repair like this, the customer can immediately go to the MAN Truck & Bus service in Marijampolė, without waiting for anything, to get a fast and high-quality repair at the service, which will ensure that the truck gets back out on the road. The MAN Truck & Bus service is located at Kauno g. 139B, in Marijampolė.