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Another win of “Adampolis” group of companies! This year all “Adampolis Group” companies received “The Strongest in Lithuania” certificates. These certificates are granted only to financially reliable Lithuanian companies based on a good credit history.

“The Strongest in Lithuania” is a certificate given to financially reliable Lithuanian companies, substantiating the company’s good credit history. The certificate confirms that the company is reliable and will fulfill its financial obligations in the future. This assessment reflects the company’s good economic condition and financial results, as well as its contribution to the development of the Lithuanian economy and fair business culture. “The Strongest in Lithuania” certificate is an independent external confirmation of the company’s reliability, which builds mutual trust, facilitates risk assessment and creates long-term value.

Each company of the group individually contributes to the growth of the Lithuanian economy by fulfilling financial obligations on time. Such a win emphasizes even more strongly that it is important for the entire “Adampolis Group” family to foster an honest business culture and treat each partner, supplier or customer with respect, to whom we sincerely feel responsible.

“Adampolis Group”, a reliable partner – for a running business!